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Incredible places to explore in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

Gandhi Nagar, capital of Gujrat is the best city to explore religious sites. Gandhi nagar has a vastly of interesting places to visit like Adalaj stepwell, Akshardham temple, Sarita udyan, children’s park, Puneet Van, Fun world, Indroda nature park, Mahudi jain temple, hanuman temple,Swapna shrushti pak, craftsmen village, sabarmati ashram  and newly added kantharpura vad or mini kabirvad. We provide best travel services in gandhi nagar for travelers to give them comfortable and best tour experience. We are the Best Travel Agents in Gandhinagar for all  tour planning, we have facilities for Flights Ticket Booking in Gandhinagar, hotels booking vehicle arrangements for sightseeing and full tour packages.

Sarita Udyan 

Everyone wants to go in gardens and it is very grateful if you see deer near any garden. Sarita udyan is the famous picnic spot in gandhi nagar which is located near deer park. It never fails to thrill adults and kids. Everyone visits this beautiful park to see the greenery and not to forget to visit the nearby beer park. 

Adalaj stepwell

This stepwell was built in 1498 for the tribute of Rana Veer Singh by his wife, Queen Rudadevi. This is also known as Rudabai stepwell. It is situated in Adalaj village 5 km from Gandhi nagar. This is famous for its architecture and the beautiful design and attracts the tourists who comes to visit Gujarat. Our Best Tour Operators in Gandhinagar give you the best transportation service to visit every spot in gandhi nagar.

Trimandir, Adalaj

This is the famous mandir which has the three temples under one roof. It contains the temple of lord shiva, lord krishna and the jain swami simandhar. This mandir is built by the Dada Bhagwan and the name trimandir belongs to their three mandir of three different gods. It also has a beautiful garden in their premises. 

Puneet van

Puneet van is a very peaceful and energy giving place which is ideal for nature lovers. It is a botanical park situated in sector 19 of gandhinagar. The predominance of this garden is houses of trees and plants which are arranged according with the hindu mythology and astrology. Plants in this garden are named as per the planets,stars and zodiac, and also divided into four parts according to astrology.

Kantharpura vad or mini kabirvad

This religious tourist spot is a new addition to the list of tourist places of gandhi nagar. This site is currently developed by the Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas board, it is called kantharpur mahakali vad. The vast banyan tree which is spread in half an acre area is popular with local people and now it is the public spot and religious attraction for local people and others as well. Big banyan tree is an attractive part of this place which gives a peaceful and fresh environment to visitors and makes their religious values to god. 

Craftsmen’s Village

Craftsmen’s village is located 1 km from the city center in  Gandhinagar. This village is famous for hand made sarees and crafts items which are designed and made by craftsmen of the village. Many visitors and shoppers visit this village of  craft items. Bandhani sarees and hand printed dresses are the most important attractions of this village. Craftsmen use wooden blocks to print design on sarees and dresses with vivacious colors. Craftsmen also use natural colors and design clothes very carefully, so they are quite economical too. 

Fun World

As per the name of the park it is a place for all fun activities like games, rides, and especially for thrilling roller coasters like spin Tora, Saya trooper, sky train, Dragon, etc. this is a place for adults and children who love to enjoy thrilling activities and games. This park also has a horror house wonder tunnel and jungle safari for extra fun and unforgettable days. After all activities there is a Restro lounge for relaxation and trying out the tasty dishes.

Aalloa hills resort golf course 

This beautiful resort and golf course is located 14km from the city center and spread over the 500 acres of green area. While playing golf in this golf course you can easily spot peacocks and nilgais in it. For enjoying golf and nature we provide the best transportation and hotel booking service to you. Our Best tour Operators in Gandhinagar are always ready to serve you our best services. 

 Nature Park 

This is the second largest dinosaur hatchery in the world, it is located near the Sabarmati river. It is a very unique and beautiful park which has skeletons of mammals like whales and dinosaurs. It also has a big botanical garden in their permises and  an amphitheater and interpretation center leased with all camping facilities.  

Hanuman temple

This temple was built a very long time ago for the honor of the lord Hanuman, bravery and loyalty. On Tuesday and Saturday many local and other peoples come to show their holy faith tothe lord and on that day nearby roads face traffic jams due to vehicles of devotees. We provide all your needs for tour, we are the best tour operators in Gandhi nagar. In this temple, the saffron idol has a mountain on his shoulder which shows bravery and loyalty of lord Hanuman with lord Ram.

Dandi kutir – The Gandhi museum

In the struggling land of India many of iconic persons are born. Mahatma Gandhi is a global icon and epitome of the human centric development. Dandi kutir is the museum where the many old things belonging to Gandhiji are conserved. By visiting this museum we can recalls the mound of salt and the salt march by Gandhi ji. This museum presents the struggles of the nation’s father by using modern technologies. 

Swapna Srushti water park

Swapna Srushti water park is the best place for visiting in summers with your family and friends. This park is one of the biggest water parks in India which has most thrilling adventures of  water like water rides, water swings, musical waterfalls, artificial water falls , snow falls and rains and many other things. This water park is spread over 130 acres of area and located on Mahudi highway.

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